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picketfenceimports Just goes to show you some things never go out of vogue! The good old Globite School Case still as popular today as it was in 1966!!
emilystrangeness very first day of school and proudly toting my red #globite school case #1981 #vintage #retro
thewoodsfolk Big news, look what we have found! Beautiful 'old school' style cases. Complete with stickers: pre-stuck or DIY. $44. You guys keep admiring our display ones and now you can take one home!! #baglove #caselove #globite
Sheree Winward-williams That's me in the front with mine in 1979
Linda Reynolds 1969
Cheryl Attridge This is what mine look like now.
Sandra Mcmillan
Carolyn Butcher Don't recall if this is a Globite but mine was a dark blue colour. First day of school, Feb 1968 in Auckland
Kirsten Taylor 1975 - my first day of school with my new globite
Lynette Reay My husband and his Globite
Christine Power My first day 55 years ago
Kim Fletcher omg brings back good memories. I even remember in Primary School we had raincoats for the cases and for our shoes in wet weather lol Photo approx 1964
Louise Cleary 1969.....and I still have it
Debbie Mitchell Here's mine around 1969
Donna Potirakis Still have mine, covered in stickers from the past. Strong enough to sit on after a long day at school waiting for the bus home. Privileged to own one.
Jodie Leanne Travers
Linda Johnson The smell of squashed bananas lingers on
Johanna Moore Found mine. My brother and I on my first day of kindergarten
Jill Walsh 1st day of Grade 1 in 1975
Narelle Blakeman First day of school age 5 in 1966 with my globate case.

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